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   steppingmotor control systems for one axis

 Compact construction, high capability, flexible employment that are the three           
 most important traits of step-motor-position-systems.
 The construction style is available  for all applications and employments:
 As openframe- version for the installation in switchboards, or into the casing for wall-mounting.

  The most important at a glance

  • single-axis system with power-supply, powerdriver an In-/Output.
  • Ansteuerung and programming over serial  Interface 
    RS 232CV24, RS 485, Profibus-DP, CANopen (DSP 402) oder SERCOS
  • Serial operation
  • PParallel operation
  • Master  operation
  • stand alone operation
  • Conform with CE - conformity has been proved based on EMV guidelines 89/336/EWG
    and 89/392/EWG by a EMV laboratory (only valid if all components and installation are according to the set-up conditions stated in the test certificate)



4SERS012.jpg (9295 Byte)

SERS 12.120.V02
Phasenstrom     0 - 14,5 A/Ph
Spannungsversorgung   120VDC

       WSMS48.jpg (11541 Byte)
WSMS 4.8  mit Netzteil
Phasenstrom  0 - 8 A/Ph
Spannungsversorgung  230 VAC

4ELK1.jpg (4957 Byte)
ELK 1 Wandmontage mit Netzteil

PosStep2-4.jpg (328589 Byte)

Phasenstrom 0 - 4 A/Ph
Spannungsversorgung 24 - 38V DC


Els41.jpg (11895 Byte)

ELSTEP 4.8 openframe
Phasenstrom  0 - 8 A/Ph
Spannungsversorgung 230V AC